We have not only put the wooden bank in your phone; we added some amazing features as well, that will help you grow your money!


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Our Features

Nkwa Goals

Nkwa goals lets you define saving goals and effectively save money towards realizing them. All you have to do is create a goal name, set a target amount, a withdrawal date, an indiscipline fine for when you are tempted to withdraw and you’re good to go. It’s simple & fun!

Nkwa Reserves

Do you have an emergency fund? What happens when things go south? If you cant answer these questions, dont worry, Nkwa Reserves is your backup

Nkwa Flip

Where all the money meets! Nkwa flip is a wallet account that holds all the savings from Goals or Reserves (when they are ready for withdrawal) and lets you withdraw it to your OM or MOMO

Cash bonuses

With great discipline, comes great rewards! Earn up to 4.5% interest per annum on your money saved in Nkwa

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