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Nkwa is a digital wooden bank that assists you to save your money in a disciplined manner towards financial goals you want to achieve. Our vision is to provide you a one stop finance app where you manage & grow your money.
Our offices are located in Buea (1st Trust Building- First floor, office on your right) and Douala- Akwa (Immeuble Techno- Activspaces)
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Nkwa offers you a fun and easy way to save money. If you

1) Are not comfortable with your spending habits,

2) Find it difficult to save money,

3) Find it difficult to achieve financial goals,

4) Want to earn more returns on your savings,

5) Want to manage your their money from the comfort of your home

Then you should try out Nkwa.

Safety &


Nkwa was built with the security of clients’ money & confidential data in mind. Critical customer data is encrypted and securely stored. Your personal and identification information is accessible to no one but you. We stick to the highest security standards possible; this is why we have added an extra line of authentication to user accounts and critical processes in the app.
Apart from being officially accompanied by the European Union, Ministry of Post & Telecommunications alongside Ministry of Finance, we are a registered financial cooperative (22/102/CMR/SW/53/282/CCA/036004/036004000 ) affiliated and supervised by our umbrella organization RainbowCAM in accordance with regulation N°01/17/CEMAC/UMAC/COBAC.



A goal is an item or objective you want to achieve or attain within a specified duration. Nkwa goals are locked savings intended to meet a specified objective within a specific time. Nkwa goals have two factors – the time factor (duration) and the monetary factor (savings amount to be met).
No. You only withdraw at the maturity date of your goal, unless you are willing to bear the charge of being an undisciplined goal saver.
YES, you can.



These are savings that are not tagged to any objective. Unlike goals, you are not bound to the monetary but time factor. You save at your own pace and get 4 free withdrawal days a year split between 4 quarters.
Yes, but this will be with a penalty except you are withdrawing on 1 of the following free withdrawal dates. 31st March, 30th June, 30th September, and 31st December. Any withdrawals outside these days attract a charge.



Nkwa flip is a wallet account in Nkwa that holds all the money coming from your goals or reserves. From Nkwa, you can withdraw to your MOMO or OM or send back to goals/reserves.
You fund your Nkwa flip by making withdrawals from a goal or reserves



Yes, you are paid up to 3.5 % per annum of your savings. This is calculated and added on a daily basis.

Fees &


Nkwa is free. However, you will need to verify every mobile money account you add with at least 50 FCFA.
They charges are custom as you are the one who sets them relative to how you evaluate yourself to be financially discipline. The minimum fine is 5% of the goal amount.
You are charged 3% of the amount withdrawn.

Support &


You can DM us on all social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tiktok & Whatsapp Business. We have also built a Livechat support system in our application where you can reach us. You can email us, call our office numbers or visit our offices

Call us at: MTN 237651238522 | Orange 237659470177

Whatsapp Business: +237673415967

Email: info@mynkwa.com

Twitter & Facebook: @mynkwa

Instagram: mynkwa_

LinkedIn: Nkwa app



Nkwa is run by a team of dynamic professionals ranging from seasoned administrators, expert software developers and finance professionals. You can learn more about our founders through their linked in profiles below

Akwo Ashangndowah: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akwo-ashangndowah-2070bba5/
Alice Ndeh: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alice-ndeh-69757b1aa/
William Takor: https://www.linkedin.com/in/williamtakor/
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