A fun and disciplined way to save money!

Nkwa helps you save money you would normally be tempted to spend

Are you planning to start a business, host a wedding, go on vacation, get a new laptop, phone, gift etc.? Nkwa has got you covered.

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Sign up

With an active email address and mobile money phone number, then get verified.

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Create a savings goal

Set a timeframe, target amount, and start saving through Orange Money or MTN Mobile Money towards your goal.

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Withdraw your savings when you reach your savings target, time duration, or when you face an emergency.

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A better experience with your money

We have modernized the wooden savings box just for your goals

We value our Customers

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Your Security is our Utmost Concern

we use the highest levels of Internet Security to ensure that your information is completely protected.

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Our customers are royalty

Because we are an online financial service, we put in our best to always be available online to respond to your preoccupations.

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Strict access

No one but you has access to your money. Not even us!

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Hidden fees

No service fees, its FREE

What our Customers are saying

A testimonial
A testimonial
A testimonial

What do you wish for? Remember: You get the things you deserve & the ones you save for! So...




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©2022 Nkwa is a MINPOSTEL & MINFI backed startup with the vision to accelerate financial inclusion in Cameroon. We are a registered (TPPRR/RC/LBE/2021/B/0383) financial technology company in Cameroon, paying all its taxes to date. Through our partner company; Maealth Tech Ltd., we are able to officially use MTN mobile money and Orange Money APIs on our application to accept and disburse payments for our customers.


1. We don't use or invest our customers' savings. We securely store them in the business MOMO and OM accounts offered to us by our partners MTN & Orange until it's time to refund back to customers.

2. The bonus we offer our customers savings (which goes up to 4.5%) is a recycle of the fees some of our customers pay when they go indiscipline on their savings and break a savings plan. It is this same money that we pay back to users as a bonus on their savings.

3. Since we don't invest our customers' savings, if we are no longer able to deliver our value proposition, we would simply refund every customer's savings back.